3 simple steps to hiv testing

Tebelopele’s structured counselling is aimed at facilitating a client’s quality of life in the face of adversity, Testing is as quick as these 3 simples steps

Pre & Post Test Counselling

We prepare you for the test & results (negative or positive)

Rapid Testing

We conduct tests and give same day results

Care & Treatment

We take a further step of linking you to care and treatment

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HIV Testing Service

Find out why everyone is talking about passport to life and how it can save you.

Tebelopele College

we provide health related training courses that accredited by BQA, find out more about the programs that we offer

Integrated Health Services

we provide integrated health services that are friendly to men, AGYW and key population

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Number Speaks

These numbers contain a story/milestone in our fight against HIV/AIDS in Botswana from 2007 to 2017


People Counselled & Tested 2008 – 2017


% Decrease in HIV Infections


Test Centres in Botswana


% People have tested negative in 2017